Theater 3 hasen oben

Theater 3 hasen oben is a theatre company from Germany. The company consists of Silvia Pahl and Klaus Wilmanns.

In the productions by Theater 3 hasen oben music and rhythm are important components, but the company also uses text and image, readymade literature as well as texts written by the members.

Theater 3 hasen oben plays for children and adults. The company tours a lot and also stages concerts.


Theater 3 hasen oben,, 25.11.2011,


(Objekt ID 24933)
Object type Organization
Organization type Musical group, Theatre company
Main focus Music, Theatre, Musical theatre
Website theater 3 hasen oben

Contact information

Address Hauptstrasse 20, D-34633 Immichenhain, Germany
Telefon +49 6639 919424

Other information

Legal entity Other
Own productions (1)
Title Premiere
The Double Bass
Performance dates
Title Premiere
The Double Bass – October 6, 1994 – Theater 3 hasen oben
The Double Bass – October 5, 1994 – Theater 3 hasen oben
Contributors (4)
Klaus Wilmanns – Musician
Silvia Pahl – Actor
Klaus Wilmanns – Artistic director
Silvia Pahl – Artistic director