BL!NDMAN was established in 1988 by Eric Sleichim. BL!NDMAN is a saxophone quartet, examining other art genres as part of its concert concept.

In 2008 BL!NDMAN was expanded with a voice quartet, a percussion quartet and a string quartet. The four quartets collaborate in addition to playing separate concerts.


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Object type Organization
Organization type Musical group
Main focus Music
Established January 1, 1988
Website BL!NDMAN

Contact information

Address Sainctelettesquare 18-19, B-1000 Brussel, Belgium
Telefon +32 2 201 59 47

Other information

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The name BL!NDMAN refers to the journal The Blind Man, which was edited by Marcel Duchamp in 1917. The exclamation mark is an inheritage from an earlier music group of which Eric Sleichim was a member, Maximalist!.


BL!NDMAN,, 24.11.2011,

BL!NDMAN,, 24.11.2011,

Own productions (3)
Title Premiere
BL!NDMAN plays Bach – August 19, 2000
Momentum – January 21, 1995
Steamboat Bill Jr.
Performance dates
Title Premiere
BL!NDMAN plays Bach – August 19, 2000 – BL!NDMAN
Steamboat Bill Jr. – September 11, 1997 – BL!NDMAN
Steamboat Bill Jr. – September 10, 1997 – BL!NDMAN
Momentum – January 21, 1995 – BL!NDMAN
Contributors (1)
Eric Sleichim – Artistic director