Bikuben Musikkteater

Also known asBikuben
Organisation typeTheatre company
Main focusMusical theatre, Theatre
Established1967 (closed 1989)

About Bikuben Musikkteater

Bikuben (literally: The Beehive)was established in 1967 as an experimental stage for The Norwegian Theatre, but with management of its own. Then the head theatre manager of The Norwegian Theatre, Svein Erik Brodal, and his wife Gudrun Waadeland was behind the initiative.

Bikuben split from The Norwegian Theatre and from 1981 to 1989 it was managed as an independent professional theatre company under the name Bikuben Musikkteater (literally: The Beehive Musical Theatre). The company produced plays for children, youth and adults, for instance Bertolt Brecht's expressionist Baal (1987), in collaboration with Sampo Teater.


Store Norske Leksikon,, 19.02.2012,

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