Toyboys was established in 2002 by dancers and choreographers Ulf Nilseng and Terje Tjøme Mossige.

Both trained at The National Academy of Ballet, and have been performing as dancers in productions from Zero Visibility Corp., The Ingun Bjørnstad Project, Un-Magritt Productions, Det Motsatte Prosjekt (Jon Tombre) and Kreutzerkompani to mention a few.

With the abovementioned companies they have toured Norway and Europe.


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Object type Organization
Organization type Artist company
Main focus Multidisciplinary art, Dance
Established 2002 (closed 2013)
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Expressions Multidisciplinary, Dance

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Address Herslebsgt 11, 0561 Oslo, Norway
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Legal entity Foundation
Org nr. 985 502 781

Toyboys fundamental artistic idea is to visualise the different through the company’s productions. Toyboys wishes to present tangible and abstract moments contributing to a wider understanding of what is "normal".

Toyboys aims for a floating understanding of identity and accept for several parallel existing gender categories not limiting, but expanding our understanding of identity and "the other".

Toyboys finds the different interesting. The company seeks to present identity not built around narrow frames and prejudiced roles.

"We find it a self-evident truth that all humans are born equal and with equal rights to life, choice of gender identity, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."


Toyboys' webpage and the program texts connected to the performances.

Own productions (13)
Title Premiere
Hanged Puff – Navember 14, 2013
Dans til folket: Forspill – October 19, 2012
Moment of Limitations – October 10, 2012
The man at the tramstop – October 7, 2011
LOVE and moving moments – April 6, 2011
There's nothing new under the sun – May 15, 2010
To be natural is such a very difficult pose to keep up – March 18, 2009
The man at the tramstop – April 16, 2008
Non Stop – March 14, 2007
Unshaved Conversations – March 9, 2006
Wolf, Wolf – June 15, 2005
Boyroom – October 28, 2004
While we are sleeping – September 24, 2002
Contributors (3)
Terje Tjøme Mossige – Artistic director (fra 2002 til 2013)
Ulf Nilseng – Artistic director (fra 2002 til 2013)
Cathe Sjøblom – Producer ( til 2013)