The International Ibsen Award 2010

The International Ibsen Award 2010

The International Ibsen Award honours an individual, institution or organisation that has brought new artistic dimensions to the world of drama or theatre. The committee consists of senior figures in the international theatre community. It was established by the Norwegian government in 2008, and amounts to 2.5 million NOK.

The winner of the 2010 award was Jon Fosse.


  • Jon Fosse

    Excerpt from the jury's statement:

    "Today the Norwegian author Jon Fosse is one of the leading names in modern drama. Yet he is more than that. He is a universe unto himself, a continent that stretches from the Norwegian Vestlandet where he still lives, to embrace Asia, South America, Eastern Europe and the world as a whole. Since his debut on the National Venue of Theatre scene in Bergen in 1994, his plays have been presented in more than nine hundred productions. His works have been translated to Albanian, Hebrew, Catalonian, Persian, Slovenian, Tibetan and forty other languages. Somebody is going to come, one of his early and most popular plays, will have its first performance in Beijing in October 2010. One of his most recent plays titled I am the wind will play at the same time in London, directed by one of our time’s foremost directors, Patrice Chéreau from France."

    The statement can be read in full at the webpage of Ibsen Awards,

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