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Forestillingsprogram for Hålogaland Teaters produksjon déjà-vu (1991) pdf January 23, 1991 Download

Déjà vu

Déjà vu is a play by Nils Gaup, developed in collaboration with the actors of the original production, Janne Langaas, Mathias Calmeyer, Guri Johnson and Trond-Ove Skrødal. The play had its world premiere at The Arctic Theatre January 23 1991. Gaup directed the production. You may read about the world premiere here.


The Arctic Theatre, ht.tr.no, 24.03.2013, http://www.ht.tr.no/index.php/theatre/showview?iShowID=79

Mette Brantzeg's private archive, donated by Mette Brantzeg, 15.01.2009


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Object type Artwork
Original title déjà-vu
Work type Script
Published January 23, 1991
Original language Norwegian dialect
Creators (1)
Nils Gaup – Author
Productions (1)
Title Premiere
Déjà vu (The Arctic Theatre) 1991