Five Days in March

Original titleSangatsu no Itsukakann
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© Toshiki Okada

About Five Days in March

Five Days in March is a play by Toshiki Okada.

About Five Days in March Okada has said that he wanted to react to the (most recent) war in Iraq, without leaving the mundane. In the play the youth Yukki and Minobe meet randomly. They shut themselves into a hotel room in five days in March 2003; while USA invades Iraq and anti-war demonstrations fill the streets they focus on alcohol and unlimited sex. They escape the outer world and are finally free, but for how long can one be free? For how long can one be with another person? Can one relate to global events and conflicts, or is it just as well just moving to March?

Toshiki Okada, born in Yokohama in 1973, founded the theatre company chelfitsch in 1997, and has written and directed a number of productions for the company since then. In particular he is known for his use of hyper-realists Japanese mundane speech.

Five Days in March won Kishida Drama Award in 2005, and the same year Okada received the Japanese Yokohama Award for Art and Cultural Encouragement.

Five Days in March is translated into the Norwegian as Fem dagar i mars by Anne Lande Peters. The original title in Japanese is Sangatsu no Itsukakann.


E-mail from Oslo International Theatre, 07.06.2012