The Bald Soprano

The Bald Soprano is a play by Eugene Ionesco, translated into the Norwegian by Kjell Helgheim as Den skallete sangerinnen.

The original title in French is La Cantatrice chauve.

The Bald Soprano had premiere at Black Box Teater November 11 1986, staged by the theatre company Teater Univers.

Read about the Norwegian opening here.


Buresund, Inger and Anne-Britt Gran (1996): Frie grupper og Black Box Teater. 1970-1995 (literally: Independent companies and Black Box Teater. 1970-1995), adNotam Gyldendal, Oslo


(Objekt ID 22015)
Object type Artwork
Original title La Cantatrice chauve
Work type Script
Published 1949
Language Norwegian
Original language French
Categories absurd