Jarl Flaaten Bjørk

Jarl Flaaten Bjørk is an actor and performing artist. Flaaten Bjørk was educated at The Norwegian Theatre Academy in Fredrikstad (Østfold University College) in 2003 and he works as physical actor and performing artist. From 2006 he has been the artistic director of Flaatenbjørk kompani, for which he simultaneously functions as project leader, playwright, actor and director.

Among other assignments, Flaaten Bjørk has collaborated with Teater Joker in the band mime production Brothers and performed as a dancer in the production The People of Juvik in The Norwegian Theatre. 


(Objekt ID 991)
Object type Person
Born September 17, 1975
Functions Actor
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Male
Adresse Oslo, Norway
Website flaatenbjørk KOMPANI


Flaatenbjørk kompani, flaatenbjork.no, 21.09.2010, http://flaatenbjork.no/om-kompaniet/hvem-er-vi/


The Norwegian Theatre Academy in Fredrikstad (Østfold University College). Bachelor in acting

Minor degree (one-year study) in theatre theory, The University of Oslo.

The non degree granting college of Romerike

Affiliations (2)
Involved in productions (16)
Artworks (1)
Title Publiseringsdato Role
Kandisia 2015, Script, Children and youth – Author
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