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Marit Moum Aune

Marit Moum Aune (born May 15 1964, Trondheim) is a Norwegian theatre director who has also been active as a radio producer and TV director.

Aune was the daily manager of the independent performing arts company Teater Avantgarden 1984–86. In the first part of her career she often worked within musical theatre, including Kristin Lavransdatter (Nidaros Cathedral), the Spanish musical Soy Fea (I am Ugly) (Rogaland Theatre), Iren Reppen's Det e hardt å være main* (It is hard to be a man) (The Arts Festival of North Norway, The Norwegian Theatre) and Boer Boerson jr. (The Norwegian Theatre).


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Object type Person
Born May 15, 1964
Functions Director, Instructor, Producer
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Female

Marit Moum Aune won The Hedda Award 2001 in the open category for her idea, concept and adaption of Dag Solness' novel for the production Shyness and Dignity, The National Theatre. She also directed the production. She won the Scandinavian national theatre award in the open category for the same production in 2000. 

In 2005 Marit Moum Aune directed Pippi Longstocking at The National Theatre, and was nominated for The Hedda Award 2006 in the best production for children and youth category. Angels in America, which she directed for The National Theatre in 2018, was nominated for The Hedda Award 2018 in the production of the year category, and Aune was nominated for the best direction award for the same production the same year.

Marit Moum Aune was nominated for The Norwegian Critics Award 2012/2013 for her work on Big and Ugly at The Norwegian Theatre and Scenes from a Marriage at Oslo Nye Teater (Oslo New Theatre).


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Antons Villfaring 2002, Script, Musical theatre – Director