Christina Lovery

Christina Lovery is a costume designer.


(Objekt ID 811)
Object type Person
Functions Costume designer
Gender Female

Arne Nøst, Christina Lovery and Jill Tonje Holter received The Hedda Award 2019 in the best stage design/costume design category for their stage design, costume design and masks for The Mute, Stavanger Symphony Orchestra.

The Hedda Jury gave the following reason for the award:

"The award is given for a visual whole which in a sober way gives voice to all of the venue, while giving a point of focus to the performers and the audience through a near minimal turning point. Life's vulnerability is caught through a love story, and the main installation of the stage design functions as a screen for the surroundings and the process of life, and for central symbols in the performance, such as a heart, a butterfly and a musical conductor's podium. Effects from silent movies is given expression in simple and at the same time elegant, partly over-dimensioned costumes and impression-rich use of masks, and when the orchestra eventually unfolds as props and an active part of the action, the palette for the graphic notation is shown as life and love itself, going beyond the predictable."


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