Fredrik Hannestad

Fredrik Hannestad is an actor and director in the Nordic actors' collective Verk Produksjoner AKA Verk Productions.

Hannestad took part in establishing Verk Produksjoner AKA Verk Productions in 1998. As of now the company consists of him, Saila Hyttinen, Anders Mossling and Per Platou.


(Objekt ID 806)
Object type Person
Functions Director, Actor
Gender Male
Adresse Myklegardgate 2, 0656 , Norway

Fredrik Hannestad directed Stalker by Verk Produksjoner AKA Verk Productions, which won The Hedda Award 2013 in the production of the year category.

The Hedda jury gave the following reason:

"A testament to memory inspired by a work of art, in which the voices of memory, with the logic of memory, express personal as well as stylised experiences of the work, while the performance venue remembers the work as such. In this both concrete and abstract journey through memory a generous room is created to give the audience the opportunity to take part in the remembrance. The production is meditative, entertaining and beautiful, not obtrusive, not indifferent, and with many entries to remember its foundation. Whether you know the artwork or not, the performance provides you with excellent help to imagine it. And as a bonus to the one who has seen it before, it inspires you to remember where you where if your life when you first saw Stalker. The production of the year award goes to Stalker."


The Hedda Award,, 10.06.2013,

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