Catrine Telle

Catrine Telle (born 1953) is a Norwegian theatre director and artistic director. Telle was among the founders of Perleporten Teatergruppe. She was the head of Trøndelag Theatre 2000-04 and led Oslo Nye Teater (Oslo New Theatre) from January 1 2010 to December 31 2013.

Catrine Telle was educated as a theatre director in Denmark, after which she started working for The National Stage in 1986. There she directed the world wide premiere of Norvald Tveit's I Satans vald* (In the Violence of Satan). She has later been responsible for acknowledged productions by Ragnar Hovland's Love Me Tender, about the myth of Elvis and Per Knutsen's Edel har fest* (Edel has a party).

*Not yet translated into English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning.


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Catrine Telle often has worked in a realist style, the way she did in her production of Lars Vik's Rasmus and Juni for Bergen International Festival in 1991, but she is also known as a musical theatre director, with productions including The Threepenny Opera (The Norwegian Touring Theatre and Teatret Vårt (Our Theatre) in collaboration in 2007) and Little Me (Rogaland Theatre and The Norwegian Touring Theatre in collaboration in 2008).

She had great success with her direction of Ludvig Holberg's Erasmus Montanus at The National Theatre in 1996. At the same theatre she was responsible for the productions of Botho Strauss' Big and Small 1998 and Arne Lygre's Sudden Eternity in 2000.

She made her debut as a movie director with Eye Ball (2000).

Trøndelag Theatre's production Purpur og gull* (Purple and Gold), directed by Catrine Telle with basis in texts and music by Åge Aleksandersen, won The Hedda Award 2004 in the production of the year category.

The Hedda Jury gave the following reason:

"The production of the year was an outstanding audience success. It delighted and it entertained, but it did not hesitate in grabbing hold of some of human life's most serious challenges either. And it managed to do that in a playful, light and effortless manner, and best of all - without ever getting trapped in the dangers of sentimentality and banality. A good, efficient and inventive direction, an ensemble performing their characters with true joy in jesting and an unexpected explosion of a debut with a joy in acting and an energy surplus which took the audience with storm.

When one adds that the production was solidly anchored locally while being universal, and that it was so popular it will be revived at the theatre this autumn, several may have guessed that the production of the year is Purpur og gull* (Purple and Gold) at Trøndelag Theatre, directed by the artistic director of the theatre herself, Catrine Telle, and with Bjarne Brøndbo, Harald Brenna, Helle Ottesen, Øyvind Brandtzæg and Ingrid Bergstrøm in the roles."

With Ivar Tindberg she developed the production Postkort fra Lillebjørn* (Postcards from Lillebjørn), based on texts and melodies by Lillebjørn Nilsen, and a great audience success at Oslo Nye Teater (Oslo New Theatre) in 2012.


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*Not yet translated into English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning.

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