Nils Jørgen Kaalstad

Also known asJøgge

About Nils Jørgen Kaalstad

Nils Jørgen Kaalstad is a Norwegian actor.

Kaalstad received The Hedda Award 2019 in the best supporting actor category for his work on Uten navn* (Nameless), Performing Arts Østfold in collaboration with Kulturdråpen.

*Not yet translated into the English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning.

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More about Nils Jørgen Kaalstad

The Hedda Jury gave the following reason for the award to Kaalstad:

"It happens that an actor's efforts first fill the venue, for so to stick to the spectator's consciousness for the times to come. The actor we are now talking about is a uniting force in any meaning of the words, teamed up with his fellow actors and going beneath the skin of a text conveying endless love and as endless despair. Without fear, he removes everything that is unnecessary, to reach the core of what he wants to convey. He shows an incredibly finely tuned understanding for tenderness and consideration, without grand gestures beyond those mourning, anger and lack of power place on a person who helplessly, from the side, tries to grab hold, in full knowledge that the grip will slip. This way, the role becomes an example of how theatre can be liberated from filters and illusions and become a stage for the reality the play gives a voice to. His intimate performance of a father, next-of-kin, is disturbing for the actor as well as the audience."


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