Nora Furuholmen

Nora Furuholmen is a Norwegian stage designer and costume designer, educated as a furniture designer at Oslo National Academy of the Arts(2005).

She has many stage design and costume design assignments in Norwegian theatres, including for Hålogaland Theatre, The Norwegian Theatre, The National Theatre, The Norwegian Touring Theatre and Rogaland Theatre.


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Object type Person
Functions Stage designer, Costume, Other
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Female

Nora Furuholmen and Joakim Moe Røisland won The Hedda Award 2007 for best stage design and lighting design for Ghosts at Hålogaland Theatre. The production was produced in 2006.

The Hedda Jury gave the following reason for the award:

"The two winners' near minimalist stage image supports the intentions of the director, while making them clearer. A well-known drama is playing out in timeless surroundings with actors in stylised costumes: All that is not in dire need for the performance to advance has been taken off the stage, on which refined switches between light and shadows makes the stage design's fundamental element the very symbol of the drama it reveals as well as veils.

The winners of the year are Nora Furuholmen and Joakim Moe Røisland for stage design, costumes and lighting for Ghosts at Hålogaland Theatre."

Nora Furuholmen has been represented at exhibitions in New York, Washington, Tokyo and Copenhagen, and has won several awards for her furniture design.

Furuholmen has collaborated with director Øyvind Osmo Eriksen several times, including at Mio, My Son at Hålogaland Theatre (2006), Betre utan ball* (Better without the ball) at The Norwegian Theatre (2007) and Ghosts at Hålogaland Theatre (2006).


The Hedda Award

Rogaland Theatre,, 22.10.2010,


Furniture design,Oslo National Academy of the Arts(2002-2005).