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Heidi Gjermundsen Broch

Also known as: Heidi Gjermundsen

Heidi Gjermundsen Broch (born 1975, Råde in the county of Østfold) is a Norwegian singer and actress. She is particularly renowned for her roles in musicals.

Heidi Gjermundsen Broch was educated at Liverpool Institute of the Performing Arts (LIPA) and The National Academy of Theatre.


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Also known as Heidi Gjermundsen
Born March 1, 1975
Functions Actor, Singer
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Female

Heidi Gjermundsen Broch has been employed by The Norwegian Theatre from 2000. The same year she made her debut as the main character (Klara) in Michael Wiehe's The Emperor of Portugalia after the novel by Selma Lagerlöf.

Among her later roles are Josefine in Boer Boerson Jr, The Girl in Jon Fosse's Beautiful (2001), Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady (Oslo Nye Teater (Oslo New Theatre 2003), the title role of Piaf (2004), queen Isabella in Richard II (2005), the title role of An-Magritt (2007), Polly Peachum in The Threepenny Opera (2008), Maria in Which Witch (2008), Donna in Mamma Mia (Folketeatret 2009), Diana in Next to Normal (2010 and 2011). Where theatre is not specified above, the productions were produced by The Norwegian Theatre.

In September 2011 she launched the record Blåøyd Jævel (literally: Blue-Eyed Devil) with songs by Alf Prøysen. With songs from this record she opened the new foyer stage of The Norwegian Theatre, called Bikuben (literally: The Bee Hive) September 23 2011.

The same month she received the Hedda Award in the category of best female lead, and The Norwegian Critics' Award in the category of theatre, both for her role as Diana in Next to Normal.

The Hedda Jury gave the following reason for the award:

"No more than eleven years have passed since the winner of the year completed a diverse five-year long education, but she has already been in near 20 productions, and in a vast majority of these she has even played the main part! As an actress her great strength is extraordinary versatility: She shines in her interpretations of classics such as William Shakespeare and contemporary playwrights such as Jon Fosse, while uniquely mastering a wholly different genre - musical theatre. The winner of the year has, through her captivating, nuanced and deeply human interpretation of the bipolar American housewife Diana in Next to Normal at The Norwegian Theatre, given definitive proof musical theatre can be great performing arts."

In her speech on behalf of Norwegian Critics' Association while giving out The Norwegian Critics' Award, Lillian Bikset said, among other things:

"There are times when the theatre gives a language to what lacks a language. When what is hard or impossible to express in daily life is given an expression of truth onstage. There are times performances stay in your mind for long after you have watched them, and the next time you are in need of the words, you find them. Because you have seen something you otherwise could have - or would have - chosen to look away from. The winner of this year's Critics' Award wins the award for such as role. (...) She is capable of renewing herself as an actress for every role she does. In her voice, in her mimicry and in her body language she has a remarkable range of expression. Her intelligence as a performer is high and she has the kind of psychological insight that makes her able to convey the complex. Heidi Gjermundsen Broch is an extraordinarily nuanced actress with great understanding for human diversity. It makes her characters seem real and credible".

Heidi Gjermundsen Broch also was nominated for The Hedda Award 2008 in the category of best leading actress, for the role of An-Magritt in An-Magritt at The Norwegian Theatre.

Heidi Gjermundsen Broch, née Heidi Gjermundsen, is married to actor Nicolai Cleve Broch.


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The Hedda Award


Liverpool Institute of the Performing Arts (LIPA), 1995-1997

The National Academy of Theatre, Oslo, 1997-2000