Eirik Stubø

Eirik Stubø (born 1965 in Narvik) is a Norwegian director and artistic director.

Eirik Stubø was educated as a director at The National Academy of Theatre, graduating in1995. In 1997 he became artistic director of Rogaland Theatre, and in 2000 he became responsible for The National Theatre, for two terms, until 2009.

As early as 1993 he staged Waiting for Godot at The National Theatre, and throughout his time as a theatre manager he has been able to to maintain his career as a director.


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Born June 16, 1965
Functions Director, Theatre director
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Male

Eirik Stubø directed Gilles for Rogaland Theatre in 1998. The production was nominated for The Hedda Award 1998 in the production of the year category.

In 2003 his Winter Storage got the Oslo Award given out by the magazine Natt og Dag for best theatre production, The Wild Duck received New York Magazine's Cultural Award 2006 and was selected among New York's ten best productions in 2006, and in May 2007 Eirik Stubø was awarded the Obie Award for best direction for the same production.

In 2009 Eirik Stubø got the Hedda Award for best direction for his direction of Rosmersholm at The National Theatre.

The Hedda Jury gave the following reason:

"During the span of a few years this year's winner has managed to bring a number of fruitful and exciting impulses into Norwegian theatre, not least because he in an untypical manner for a Norwegian has a consciously intellectual approach to the art of the stage. He addresses the secrets existing in every text, to release them and convey them to the audience.

He is an excellent instructor of actor and he has developed a stage expression of his own. As the true representative of director's theatre he is, he has emphasised sensitive, daring modernisation the classics, and he has succeeded. Eirik Stubø gets this year's best direction award for a minimalist, innovative and complete new reading of a classic, an unusually clear and intense interpretation of Rosmersholm at The National Theatre."

Eirik Stubø also won Norwegian Critics' Award for theatre in 2008/2009 for his direction of Rosmersholm at The National Theatre (2008) and Andromache at The Norwegian Theatre (2009).

Excerpt from speech by Liv Riiser, held during the awards ceremony for Norwegian Critics' Award for theatre 2008/2009, September 3 2009 in House of Literature, Oslo:

"This year's Norwegian Critics' Award for theatre goes to a director who to an increasing degree has cultivated the corporal presence of actors onstage, for two productions which - despite their tragic content - have lifted us so that we can still feel it in our bodies. I am talking about Eirik Stubø, and the productions of Ibsen's Rosmersholm at The National Theatre's main stage during The Ibsen Festival 2008, and about Racine's Andromache in a version by Jon Fosse, at The Norwegian Theatre's Scene 2 the spring of 2009. At both occasions the performances are held in measured, minimalist expression, contributing to the violent pressure the texts room."

Read the speech in full (Norwegian only) here.

Eirik Stubø was nominated for The Hedda Award 2012 in the category of best direction, for the direction of Mourning Becomes Electra by Eugene O'Neill, The Norwegian Theatre.

Eirik Stubø is a son of the jazz musician Thorgeir Stubø and the brother of the jazz musicians Kjersti Stubø and Håvard Stubø. He is married to actress Kirsti Stubø.


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1991-1995  Direction at The National Academy of Theatre.

Philosophy at The University of Tromsø

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