Gerd Zoe Christiansen

Gerd Zoe Christiansen (born 1957 in Denmark) is a director and stage designer. Gerd Zoe Christiansen began working with performing arts in 1980. In 1991 she moved house and career to Norway.

She has been the artistic director of several performing arts companies and worked as a freelance director and stage designer. Gerd Zoe Christiansen started Mobile Homes with Sven Erga and others. In 1997 she started Hollow Creature with Kirsti Ladegård.


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Object type Person
Born 1957
Functions Artistic director, Director, Stage designer
Nationality Danish
Gender Female
Member of The Norwegian Union of Stage Directors, Norwegian Stage Designers’ Association
Adresse Smålensgt. 1, 0657 Oslo, Norway
Website Zoe Christiansen

Gerd Zoe Christiansen is inspired by the European performance art stage and explores the use of multimedia and high technology in performing arts. She wants to mix traditional and modern expressions to find new ways to express herself.

Gerd Zoe Christiansen describes her performing arts work as a layered audio visual landscape. A room for reflection, like a praying room in an airport. Not a place to be entertained, but to stop the time, discover new connections, resurrect one's senses or again remember something one had forgotten.

Gerd Zoe Christiansen won The Hedda Award 2001 in best visual design category for her stage design for The Tiger Garden, produced by Hollow Creature.

She also got the performing arts award of Performing Arts Hub Norway for the same production in 2000. Between 2001 and 2004 she was a member of the board of Performing Arts Hub Norway.


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