Hilde Brinchmann

Also known as: Hilde Brinchmann Børresen

Hilde Brinchmann (born August 20 1983) is educated as a theatre director at Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts.

After graduating in 2010 Brinchmann has worked as a director in residence at The Norwegian Touring Theatre, and staged productions at theatres including Malmö City Theatre, Rogaland Theatre, Trøndelag Theatre, Hålogaland Theatre and Swedish Riksteatern.

She has been responsible for Norwegian premieres of plays by Christian Lollike, Elfriede Jelinek and Mark Ravenhill. 


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Object type Person
Also known as Hilde Brinchmann Børresen
Born August 20, 1983
Functions Director
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Female
Adresse Oslo, Norway

The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum, in a new adaption and directed by Hilde Brinchmann for Brageteatret, won The Hedda Award 2015 in the best production for children and youth category.

The Hedda Jury gave the following reason:

"The theatre offering for children and youth is often criticised for being artistically not very ambitious or innovative. Instead of experiments one chooses the traditional, in which the audience knows what to get, and gets what it thinks it wants. Because of this, it is delightful that several of this year's nominees in different ways challenge our expectations to what theatre for children and youth is, and how it can be done. This year's award winner met the children s desire for knowledge, curiosity and involvement in theatre with an extraordinary courageous openness, without losing the grip of the work s magic, direction or progression of plot. A unique and exclusive theatre experience in which a physically participating audience was permitted its own role in the fairytale.

The best production for children and youth award of the year goes to The Wizard of Oz."

Mio, My Son, directed by Brinchmann, received The Hedda Award 2019 in the best production for children category.

The Hedda Jury gave the following reason for the award to Mio, My Son:

"The Hedda Jury has made notice of the fact that many of this season's productions have a political slant, in which the messages are snuck in sideways and appeal to the audience's emotions rather than screaming out loud. This year's best production for children is also an example of this.

It takes use of sound, lighting, costumes, masks and stage design in a way where everything is experienced as new, filled with expectation and life, despite the darkness looming behind, around and above us. The theatrical meeting in itself lets us withstand the evil surrounding us.

The stage effects are beautiful and they are used so dynamically naturally that one may first experience them as simple. When the history unfolds, the body is the first to notice the effect of the elegant combination of puppetry, physical theatre, storytelling theatre and the strikingly alive stage design. In thread with the textual material, the performance conveys how to find hope and comfort in sombre times. The adults who have exited this performance for children sobbing are not few."

Nothing, directed by Hilde Brinchmann, received The Hedda Award 2019 in the best production for youth category.

The Hedda Jury gave the following reason for the award to Nothing:

"Creating theatre that meets youth on their own terms, while sharing wisdom about the many hard choices that, regardless of perspective, characterise the transition between young and adult, is an art. The production that has impressed us the most unites great ambitions and intimate details, and it manages the deed it is to connect difficult and significant themes to the individual, and to thoughts about value in oneself and hope in the future. And this without losing sight of its audience. We are drawn in, into delight and entertainment, but to a larger degree we are informed and mentally beaten by a coordinated ensemble's original, shocking and exciting dissolution of space and limits, between individual decisions and group mentality."


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Affiliations (1)
Involved in productions (20)
Title Premiere Role
Jenta, Mammaen og Tiden (Tigerstadsteatret) April 22, 2022 Direction
Detective Agency No. 2 - Operation Theater (The Norwegian Touring Theatre (Riksteatret)) September 10, 2021 Dramatised by, Direction
Jungelen (Tigerstadsteatret) Navember 6, 2020 Script, Direction
Nothing (TigerstadsteatretOslo Nye Teater (Oslo New Theatre)) March 1, 2019 Direction
Mio, My Son (Teatret Vårt (Our Theatre)Nordland Theatre) September 20, 2018 Direction, Dramatised by
Satellitter på himmelen (Brageteatret) January 26, 2018 Direction
Labyrint* (Labyrinth) (Teatret Vårt (Our Theatre)Barneteatret Vårt) May 21, 2016 Playwright, Direction, Stage design, Actor (Professor Brix)
Tigerstadskids (TigerstadsteatretOslo Nye Teater (Oslo New Theatre)) 2016 Direction, Concept/Idea, Stage design, Performer, Stage manager, Producer
The Wizard of Oz (Brageteatret) Navember 7, 2014 Dramatised by, Direction
Kaspar & The Sea of Houses (The Norwegian Theatre) September 11, 2014 Direction
En får væra som en er* (One should be how one is) (The National TheatreThe Torshov Theatre) April 4, 2014 Script
Folkestyre 2014* (Democracy 2014) (The Norwegian Touring Theatre (Riksteatret)) February 27, 2014 Script, Direction, Stage design
Pippi Longstocking (The Arctic Theatre) April 17, 2013 Adapted by, Direction, Choreography
Shoot - Frihet og demokrati - til helvete (Rogaland Theatre) January 26, 2013 Direction, Adapted by
Princess Plays (Trøndelag Theatre) August 29, 2012 Direction, Adapted by
Teddy og Marian (The Norwegian Touring Theatre (Riksteatret)) February 23, 2012 Direction
Cosmic Fear, or The Day Brad Pitt Got Paranoia (Rogaland Theatre) Navember 6, 2010 Direction
Juvelen (Bærum Verk Spillet) June 10, 2004 Actor (Fortelleren)
The Defeat (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation's TV drama division) March 21, 1966 Shadow play
Statuene lever! (Teaterhøgskolen) Director’s assistant