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Øyvind Berg

Øyvind Berg is a Norwegian poet, playwright, performing artist, actor and translator. Øyvind Berg started Baktruppen in 1986 with Tone Avenstroup. Baktruppen became one of the most prominent independent theatre companies in the Nordic countries. The company shut down its activity March 1 2011.


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Object type Person
Born January 14, 1959
Functions Author, Text, Actor, Writer, Artist, Dramatist/Playwright
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Male
Member of Writers’ Guild of Norway/WGN

Øyvind Berg has been a member of the literary council of Norwegian Authors' Union (1987-1988 and 1993-1996). He has been a member of the complaint forum of Arts Council Norway's system for buying the libraries new Norwegian fiction.

From 1997 to 2003 Øyvind Berg was the artistic director of The Norwegian Festival of Literature.

Øyvind Berg also is recognised as a poet, and his poetry has been translated into the German, the English and the Danish.


  • Retninger (literally: Directions) – poems (1982)
  • Barn er et hardt språk (literally: Child is a hard language) – poems (1984)
  • Vitenskap for barn (literally: Science for children) – poems (1985)
  • Et foranskutt lyn (literally: Flash shot forward) – poems (1986)
  • Totschweigetaktiken – poems (1988)
  • Kjøter: en sosiodisé (literally: Dog: A socioddisey) – play (1989)
  • Lærestykker (literally: Learning Pieces) – play (1990)
  • Kunngjøring (literally: Announcement) – poems (1992)
  • Poe si tid (literally Poe Try Time or The time of Poe, it can be interpreted both ways) – poems (1993)
  • Forskjellig (literally: Different) – poems (1995)
  • Kjærlighetc. (literally: Lovetc.) – poems (1997)
  • Nede fortelling (literally: Down for recounting)  – poems (2000)
  • Chutzpah i måneskinn (literally: Chutzpah in moonlight) – poems, prose (2004)
  • Billigbok (literally: Cheap Book) – (2006)
  • Poesi og lærepenger (literally: Poetry and lessions) – essays (2009)
  • "Blindedikt" (literally: Blind poems) - poems (2010)
  • "Tekster for Baktruppen 1994-2009" – Texts for Baktruppen (2011)


  • The award of the Oktober publishing house 1992
  • The Brage Award 1995, for Forskjellig (literally: Different)
  • The translation award of Norwegian theatre managers 1996
  • The award of the Aschehoug publishing house 1999
  • The award of Halldis Moren Vesaas 2000
  • The award called Språklig samlings litteraturpris (literally: The literary award for unifying the language) 2002
  • The award Hold Dampen Oppe 2003
  • The Performing Arts Award of Performing Arts Hub Norway 2003

In addition Øyvind Berg was nominated for The Hedda Award 1999 in the open category for his new translation of Hamlet. The translation was made on commission from Trøndelag Theatre.


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Øyvind Berg has a minor degree in philosophy and literature plus studies in Egyptology from the University of Bergen and the University of Tromsø.

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Artworks (4)
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Congress of dreams 2015, Script – Author
I Hired a Contract Killer Movie – Translator
Cur 1989, Script – Author
Hos Logoterapyton Script – Author
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