Liv Bjørgum

Liv Bjørgum is a Norwegian dancer and choreographer, also educated as a philologist from The University of Bergen.

Liv Bjørgum has a diverse background, as a dancer with The National Stage in Bergen from the age of ten, as a teacher at the upper secondary school called Bergen Cathedral School in subjects including music, movement and social anthropology, and as a dancer, choreographer and artistic leader of the dance companies Fri Ballett in Bergen and Kantarellen in Oslo.

Liv Bjørgum also has travelled around the country with productions for Concerts Norway for a fifteen year period, and dancing in different TV programs for Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation.


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Object type Person
Born May 6, 1945
Functions Author, Choreographer, Dancer, Pedagog
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Female

Liv Bjørgum has been selected for a number of offices, including being the leader ofThe Union of Norwegian Dance Artistsfor twelve years, from 1989 to 2001, and for five years she was the second in command in FIA, a global organisation for actors, dancers and singers. She has been a member of the boards of Norwaco, The Fund for Performing Artists,The National Academy of Balletand Dansearena Nord, and for the general assembly of The Norwegian Opera.

As a writer Bjørgum started her career in the school paper of her upper secondary school, and when she could no longer dance professionally she began writing poetry. She has also written a musical, called Drømmen om Lyset (literally: The Dream about the Light), in collaboration with the composer Peter Lodwick, and she now writes plays in addition to poetry.


E-mail from Marit Krogeide, 20.07.2012


Educated as a philologist at The University of Bergen.

Affiliations (3)
Involved in productions (14)
Title Premiere Role
Dikt i Piano* (Poetry in Piano) (Dans & Toner) Navember 21, 2009 Text, Performer
Drømmen om Lyset () 2004 Playwright
Fata Morgana (Dansekompaniet Kantarellen) Navember 12, 1986 Choreography
Reisefot (Dansekompaniet Kantarellen) 1985 Choreography
Drømmen om lyset (Dansekompaniet Kantarellen) 1984 Choreography, Songlyrics, Author
Stopp for zopp (Dansekompaniet Kantarellen) 1983 Choreography
Vi tuter med de ulver som er ute (Dansekompaniet Kantarellen) Navember 1981 Choreography
Cabaret (The National Stage) Navember 29, 1968 Dancer
Hello, Dolly! (The National Stage) Navember 30, 1966 Dancer
Abbela Hansen (Dansekompaniet Kantarellen) Choreography
Summertime (Frostad Dansekompani) Choreography
Av alle jeg kjenner er det jeg som ligner mest på meg (Frostad Dansekompani) Choreography
Påkledd løk (Frostad Dansekompani) Choreography
Beat for Bit. (Frostad Dansekompani) Dancer
Artworks (1)
Title Publiseringsdato Role
Drømmen om Lyset 2004, Script, Musical – Author