Ragnar Olsen

Born26 May. 1950
FunctionsAuthor, Librettist, Translator, Composer, Singer, Dramatist/Playwright
WebsiteRagnar Olsen

About Ragnar Olsen

Ragnar Olsen (born 1950) is a Norwegian playwright, writer, translator, singer, songwriter and composer.

More info (Norwegian only) can be found at his webpage, http://www.ragnarolsen.info/42101183

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More about Ragnar Olsen

Ragnar Olsen and Ketil Høegh were nominated for The Hedda Award 2014 in the best stage text category for their new adaption of Ludvig Holberg's play Jeppe of the Hill for the production Jeppe, directed by Ketil Høegh, produced by Hålogaland Theatre.


The Hedda Award, heddaprisen.no, 19.05.2014, http://www.heddaprisen.no/pub/heddaprisen/main/?aid=1215

Ragnar Olsen, http://www.ragnarolsen.info/42101183

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Artworks by Ragnar Olsen