Hooman Sharifi

FunctionsArtistic director, Choreographer, Dancer
NationalityNorwegian, Iranian

About Hooman Sharifi

Hooman Sharifi is a Norwegian-Irani dancer and choreographer.

With background from street dance and hip hop, Sharifi was accepted as a student in dance at Oslo National Academy of the Arts, from which he graduated as a choreographer in 2000. The same year Sharifi established Impure Company, for which he is personally artistic leader, choreographer and at times also dancer.

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More about Hooman Sharifi

Hooman Sharifi was born and raised in Teheran in Iran. In 1988 he came alone to Norway as a fourteen year old, sent by his parents to make a better life for himself. In Norway Hooman Sharifi was placed in an orphanage by the children’s services with four other Irani boys in the same situation. They were provided with a mentor, Mehrdad Ganji, who eventually became a conversation partner and performer in Hooman Sharifi’s production NO3 – what is home?.

In many of Sharifi’s works his own background is the central point the production revolves around. In works such as NO5 – He is one of us and can be one of them and The desert is growing: woe to those who seek to protect it Sharifi discussed his own upbringing and history in different ways.

The physical expression of Impure Company’s works is, among other things, inspired by hip hop and related dance expressions. As a choreographer Sharifi often works with improvisations. His works can be described as conceptual dance production, in which it can also happen that dance is not even present in the performances. Sharifi wants to work across genres of dance and theatre and often connects philosophical arguments and seemingly random improvisation. As a dancer he is also rather unconventional, with a body not typical for dancers.

Impure Company consists of five dancers, two producers and two dramaturges in addition to Sharifi himself.

Interview with Sharifi in Dagsavisen (in Norwegian).

Article about Sharifi written by Melanie Fieldseth on the internet site Kultiversum (in English).

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