Mette Edvardsen

Mette Edvardsen (born 1970) is a Norwegian dancer and choreographer, living and working in Belgium.

Edvardsen started her work as a dancer for Les Ballets C. de la B. in Belgium in 1996. She has cooperated with Hans Van den Broeck and Christine de Smedt (from 2000) in several productions for the company. Mette Edvardsen also has taken part in projects by Mårten Spångberg, Fransesco Scavetta, Bock/Vincenzi, Thomas Hauert/Zoo and Lynda Gaudreau and others.

In addition to working within performing arts, she has experimented with text and video.

In 2016, she received The Norwegian Ibsen Award for her We to be.


(Objekt ID 2695)
Object type Person
Functions Choreographer, Dancer, Stage Artist
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Female
Adresse Brussel, Belgium
Website Mette Edvardsen, DUCHAMPS / METTE EDVARDSEN

Mette Edvardsen works internationally, from her base in Belgium. She has collaborated with Lilia Mestre, and in 2002 she made Sauna in Exile in collaboration with Heine R. Avdal, Liv Hanne Haugen and Lawrence Malstaf. In 2004 she made a version of Schreibstuck by choreographer Thomas Lehmen with Christine de Smedt and Mårten Spångberg.

Among Mette Edvardsen's own works are Stills (2002, video), Private collection (2002), Time will show (detail) (2004), Opening (2005), coffee and cigarette (2006 - 2008), Faits divers (2008), or else nobody will know (2007), every now and then (2009), Time has fallen asleep in the afternoon sunshine (2010), Black (2011), No title (2014) and We to be (2015).

In 2016 she received the national Norwegian Ibsen Award for her text for We to be. The jury gave the following reason:

"Mette Edvardsen's We to be is a meta text that takes advantage of the theatrical situation as its basis for drama. Edvardsen intertwine fiction and reality in a complex and precise dialogue about and with the performance venue, its audience and the theatre as situation. The text can be regarded as an art project examining time and space, more specifically, the theatre of the black box. We to be is local through being anchored in the here and now, but also connects with a global room and an international performing arts contexts in being written in English. The language's very musicality is striking and its choices of words precise. We to be spring out from Edvardsen as an active choreographer and dancer, but the jury finds that the text also contains a large potential for interpretation and realisation beyond her as a performing artist."

BIT Teatergarasjen, spring program 2006

Mette Edvardsen,, 09.05.2011,

Ibsen Awards,, 30.03.2016,

Title Premiere Role
We to be Script – Author