Nøste Schwab

Also known as: Thora Neels-Hansson, Thora Elisabeth Neels-Hansson

Nøste Schwab (née Thora Elisabeth Neels-Hansson, born November 29, 1918, Stavanger, dead in Oslo December 15, 2007) was a Norwegian actress. She made her debut as Thora Neels-Hansson in 1938, and performed under this name until 1961, at theatres including The National Stage. Around 1970, she changed her name to Nøste Schwab.  

Nøste Schwab was married to stage designer Per Schwab, and she was the mother of stage designer and costume designer Tine Schwab.


(Objekt ID 21063)
Object type Person
Also known as Thora Neels-Hansson, Thora Elisabeth Neels-Hansson
Born Navember 29, 1918 (dead December 15, 2007)
Functions Actor
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Female
Adresse Oslo, Norway