Henny Moan

Also known as: Henny Elisabeth Moan

Henny Elisabeth Moan (born February 22 1936 in Talvik in Alta, Finnmark) is a Norwegian actress.

Moan grew up in Narvik and Gratangen, and was a student of the very first class of The National Academy of Theatre, Oslo in 1953. She made her debut in Federico García Lorca's drama Yerma at The Norwegian Theatre in 1955. The same year she filmed her first of 23 movies, Arne Skouen's Children of the Sun.


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Object type Person
Also known as Henny Elisabeth Moan
Born February 22, 1936
Functions Actor
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Female
Member of The Norwegian Actors’ Equity Association/NAEA

Henny Moan has been an employee at Det Nye Teater (now called Oslo Nye Teater/Oslo New Theatre), Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation's drama division, The National Theatre, Oslo Nye Teater (Oslo New Theatre) and The Norwegian Theatre. Moan has interpreted many of the greatest female roles, such as Jeanne d'Arc, The Lady of the Camellias, Miss Julie and most of Ibsen's major female roles.

Her farewell performance was Ad Astra in January 2007. In 1988 she was among the founder of The Hamsun Society.

At the filming of Lake of the Dead she met the poet André Bjerke with whom she was married 1959-72. The two of them got the daughter Vilde Bjerke. She lived with Ole Paus 1973-76 and the two have the son Sole Christian Paus. She was a member of the municipal board in Bærum, where she now lives, representing The Labour Party.


  • Government grant
  • The artist grant of Oslo
  • Honourable member of The Norwegian Actors' Equity Association/NAEA
  • The honourable award of Aase Bye 2006
  • The northern profile award called Nordprofilprisen 2007
  • Honourable Amanda award 2010


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