Hauk Aabel

Also known asHauk Erlendson Aabel
Born21 Apr. 1869 (dead 12 Dec. 1961)
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About Hauk Aabel

Hauk Erlendssøn Aabel (born April 21 1869 in Førde, died December 12 1961 in Oslo) was a Norwegian actor.

He was married to actress Svanhild Johannessen, and the father of actor Per Aabel and actor, writer and translator Andreas Aabel.

Hauk Aabel made his debut in 1897 at Christiania Theatre, in the role of Pedersen in Hulda Garborg's Reason and Barn Chores. The next few years he was connected to different venues. From 1911 to 1934 he was among the major forces of The National Theatre, with two interruptions: In 1920-21 he worked for Chat Noir and in 1930-31 for Det Nye Teater, which later became part of Oslo Nye Teater (Oslo New Theatre).

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More about Hauk Aabel

Hauk Aabel was particularly known as a comedy actor, with a large number of Holberg roles. Among them were Oldfux in The Fussy Man, Henrik in Henrik and Pernille and the title role of Jeppe of the Hill. He also made his mark as Klinke in The Spanish Fly and Tussing in Die Fledermaus (The Bat).

He also had movie roles, including in The Great Baptism (1931), The Happy Boy (1932), Jeppe of the Hill (1933), You have promised me a wife (1935) and The Brat (1938).


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