Per Aabel

Also known as: Per Pavels Aabel

Per Pavels Aabel (1902-1999) was a Norwegian actor, drawing artist, choreographer and instructor. He was the son of the actors Hauk Aabel and Svanhild Johannessen, and the brother of actor, writer and translator Andreas Aabel.

Per Aabel was educated in drawing at institutions including École des Beaux Arts in Paris, two years at a Russian ballet school in London, plus studies and work experience from Max Reinhardt in Vienna and Prague.

He headed Carl Johan Teatret 1933-38, was an employee at Centralteatret 1938-40, worked for The National Theatre 1940-72, and was later organised as a freelancer.


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Object type Person
Also known as Per Pavels Aabel
Born April 25, 1902 (dead December 22, 1999)
Functions Choreographer, Instructor, Actor, Dancer, Other
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Male

Like his father Per Aabel interpreted a large number of Holberg roles: Henrik in Henrik and Pernille and Masquerade, Oldfux and Vielgeschrey in The Fussy Man. Other central comedy roles were Malvolio in Twelfth Night, Valentin in The Beautiful Adventure by Caillavet and de Flers, Celius in Kjær's The Happy Choice, Goring in Wilde's An Ideal Husband and the doctor in Carousel by Alex Brichmann.

Per Aabel and Lillebil Ibsen shared Norwegian Critics' Award 1961 for their portrayals of George Bernard Shaw and Mrs. Patrick Campbell in Dear Liar, The National Theatre 1961. The production was also filmed, and a televised version sent in 1964.

To Aabel's more sombre repertoire belong Hjalmar Ekdal in The Wild Duck, the title role of Figaros bryllup, Arthur in The Judge (AKA Siblings) by H. C. Branner, the old actor Clark in The Sunshine Boys by Neil Simon, the nerve patient Harry in Home by David Storey (TV 1972) and the doctor in Old World by Aleksei Arbuzov (TV 1980).

Per Aabel also had film roles, and he was given Honorary Amanda 1998 for his efforts for Norwegian TV and film.


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