Petter Næss

Petter Næss (born 1960) is a Norwegian theatre and movie director.

He started his career as a production assistant for Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation's drama division, called Fjernsynsteatret, and worked as an actor from 1985 to 1996. From 1996 he was an instructor and project leader for Oslo Nye Teater (Oslo New Theatre)'s venue Centralteatret, where he established Caféscenen (the cafeteria venue) allowing space for independent companies and actors with their own projects.

For the theatre Petter Næss has staged Mother Said by Hal Sirowitz, Gone with the Woman after Erlend Loe's novel and Elling (1999) after Ingvar Ambjørnsen's novel, among other productions.

Petter Næss directed The Summer Dad Turned Gay (Hålogaland Theatre 2015), which received The Hedda Award 2016 in the best production for children and youth category.


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The Hedda Jury gave the following reason for the award to The Summer Dad Turned Gay:

"This year's best production for children and youth is at one and the same time a humorous, absurd, burlesque, sensible, warm and slightly embarrassing story about the difficult puberty. In addition, it is liberatingly disarming about themes that are still taboo, such as sexuality, divorce issues and homophobia. One rarely sees a production in which everything is told from the youth's perspective, direct, undisguised, playful and in an unusually rich language without seeming affected. This was real."

Petter Næss is established among the leading Norwegian movie directors, first with the comedy Absolute Hangover (1999) and next with the blockbuster Elling AKA Me, My Friend and I (2001) after Ambjørnsen's novel. Just Bea, for teenagers, also became popular. His first American-produced movie, Mozart and the Whale (2005), was well received, but did not become a blockbuster.

Later he has directed the Elling movie Love Me Tomorrrow (2005) and Gone with the Woman (2007) after the novel by Loe. In 2010 he directed Shameless based on a book by Lars Saabye Christensen, and in 2012 Into the White, with a mix of Norwegian and international actors.


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