Paul-Ottar Haga

Paul-Ottar Haga (born 1965) is a Norwegian actor.

He is married to actress Evy Kasseth Røsten.

Paul-Ottar Haga was born in Verdal and graduated from The National Academy of Theatre in 1990. The same year he made his debut at The Norwegian Theatre, but a long time before that he had his first role, as an eight-year old at The Saint Olav Drama at Stiklestad. Throughout the years he has had a number of the leading roles of the same outdoors spectacle.

He has been an employee of The Norwegian Theatre since 1990. At this theatre, his roles include the title role in Boer Boerson Jr. (2001), Agamemnon, Pylades and Apollon in Orestes (2003) and Lauris in The People of Juvik (2004), The Button Moulder in Robert Wilson's Peer Gynt (2005), Gooper in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (2007) and Macheath in The Threepenny Opera (2008).


(Objekt ID 18716)
Object type Person
Born July 30, 1965
Functions Actor
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Male
Adresse Balders gate 3, 0263 OSLO, Norway

Paul Ottar Haga was nominated for The Hedda Award 2013 in the best leading actor category for the role of Edgar in The Dance of Death by August Strindberg, directed by Sigrid Strøm Reibo, The Norwegian Theatre.

Paul-Ottar Haga often has taken parts in Norwegian movies and TV productions. He became nationally known through Bentein Baardson's TV version of Peer Gynt. We have also seen him in movies such as The Last Joint Venture, Zero Kelvin and Jul i Blåfjell* (Christmas in the Blue Mountain)."

Paul-Ottar Haga played the role of Heimdall in Robert Wilson's Edda at The Norwegian Theatre in 2017. The Hedda Award 2017 in the special artistic achievement category was given to the complete ensemble of actors in the production.

The Hedda Jury gave the following reason for the award to the Edda ensemble:

"Certain assignments demand a more dedicated approach than others. Intense concentration. Detail-oriented precision. Finely tuned musicality. This year's award in the special artistic achievement category goes to an ensemble of actors who met and who mastered such an assignment with force and conviction. Some of them had experience with the same director and the same expression from former work. Some entered the work with openness and a will to learn. Together they succeeded in creating one of this year's most grandiose and most coherently stylistic performing arts experiences."


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*Not yet translated into English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning.