Milja Salovaara

Milja Salovaara is a costume designer and stage designer. Salovaara was educated in Italy, and works on assignment in Norway, Sweden and Finland.

In 2010 Milja Salovaara got The Hedda Award in the category of best visual design for her stage design for An Enemy of The People at Trøndelag Theatre. The jury reasoned as follows:

"Production design can be minimalist, grotesquely opulent or realistically illusion-creating. Everything is allowed, as long as the stage image expands as well as completes the totality of the production. This is exactly what characterises the winner of the year who created an open, apparently utterly simplistic, but yet complex stage image, providing an earthbound elegance with an extra dimension against and with which to act, without distracting from the text. This stage image was an independent artistic expression awakening curiosity from the start, offering new spaces and rooms for the acting, building a foundation for and fortifying the story.

The award goes to Milja Salovaara for her innovative, stage design contributing creativity to An Enemy of the People at Trøndelag Theatre."


(Objekt ID 18396)
Object type Person
Functions Stage designer, Costume designer
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Female

Milja Salovaara got her stage design education from Accademia di Belli Arti in Venice and she has been responsible for the stage design and/or costumes for about 80 productions in Finland, Sweden and Norway. To mention a few: Barrabas by Pär Lagerqvist at The Sirius Theatre in Finland (1995), No Exit by Jean-Paul Sartre at The Swedish Theatre in Helsinki, also in 1995, Mother and Child by Jon Fosse at The Swedish Theatre in Helsinki in 2001 and A Doll’s House at The Tampere Theatre in 2002.

She was in charge of the stage design for Oleanna by David Mamet at Teatret Vårt (Our Theatre) in 2001, for Richard III the same place in 2001, and still in Molde, in cooperation between Teatret Vårt and The Norwegian Theatre, The Ice Castle in 2004. She has been responsible for costumes and stage design at Rogaland Theatre, Trøndelag Theatre andThe Norwegian Touring Theatre.