Liv Bernhoft Osa

Also known as: Liv Osa

Liv Bernhoft Osa is a Norwegian actress.

Liv Bernhoft Osa was born in 1957, and was educated at The National Academy of Theatre, Oslo. In 1979 she made her debut at The National Theatre, where she has been an employee ever since, but she has also been working for several other theatres. At The Norwegian Theatre she has played Juliet in Shakespeare's Romeo and Julie, at Oslo Nye Teater (Oslo New Theatre) Ariel in The Tempest, at The National Venue of Theatre the title role of The Lady of the Camellias, while she in 2007 was Mai in the adaptation of Linn Ullmann's Grace at The Norwegian Touring Theatre.


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Object type Person
Also known as Liv Osa
Born March 3, 1957
Functions Actor
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Female
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Liv Bernhoft Osa has taken part in a number of movies, such as Uno and Svein and the Rat, and in TV series such as Western Wind. Among the more than 75 roles she has interpreted for The National Theatre one can mention Anne Frank in The Diary of Anne Frank, Anya in The Cherry Orchard, Sonia in Crime and Punishment, Mrs. Solness in The Master Builder, the mother in Vinterforvaring* (Winter Storage), the middle-aged woman in Sleep and Sonya in Uncle Vanya.

Liv Bernhoft Osa won The Hedda Award 2011 in the category of best supporting actress for the role of Mrs. Hadenough in Innocence by Dea Loher at The National Theatre.

The Hedda Jury gave the following reason:

"The winner of the year has for many years been a distinct and versatile actress, not just at Norwegian stages, where she has interpreted female characters as diverse as Romeo s Juliet and Juliet s own mother, Anne Frank and The Lady of the Camellias, Andromache and Mrs. Police Chief Bastian, but also in the movies and TV series and not least as an audio book voice. She wins the award for a thorough, mimetically brilliant and tragicomic precise interpretation of an absurd, heartbreakingly baroque character, a near insect-like middle-aged woman who in perfect balance between motion and restricted calm, take nourishment from the unhappiness of others."


The Hedda Award

*Not yet translated into English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning.


The National Academy of Theatre, Oslo