Niels Peter Underland

Niels Peter Underland (born 1962) is a Norwegian actor, director and pedagogue.

Niels Peter Underland is the artistic director of Teater Joker, for which he also works as a director and actor. He is a socent at OsloMET university. 

Underland directed Brown, which was given The Hedda Award 2017 in the best production for children category. With the ensemble, he also adapted the book by Håkon Øvreås for the theatre. Brown was produced by Teater Joker in collaboration with Akershus Theatre.


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Object type Person
Functions Artistic director, Director, Actor, Pedagog
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Male
Adresse Stensberggata 17, 0170 Oslo, Norway

The Hedda Jury gave the following reason for the award to Brown:

"The essence of all theatrical art is the theatrical transformation in which events, objects and performers are presented in a new and different way, to give life to an alternative reality. In this, the theatre is closely related to the creative powers of the child, as a source for unworried play and as a place to seek refuge when the world of reality doesn't quite seem to be how it should be. This year's best production for children underlines and celebrates this relation in a precise and at the same time playful direction in which the actors shine as transformation artists with great energy. Effortlessly they switch between different toles, and together they give physical form to a series of stage design effects and props. The language is typical for its age, and credible, in an adaption of the award-winning Norwegian book for children by the same title, published in 2013."

Underland has worked as an actor at several Norwegian venues, and also been directing for Cirka Teater, among others. He was a Butoh dancer with Min Tanaka in Tokyo at Setagaya Theatre.

Underland was educated at Écôle Jacques Lecoq.

In addition to the productions presented by the list, the productions Niels Peter Underland has contributed to include Mba Yambe, Il etait une fois, CITO, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, script/direction (2011), Fate Attenziona ai Baobab, Teatrodanza Fannia, Locarno, dancer (1990), Moribonds, Les Scenokrates, Luzern, actor (1988).

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Écôle Jacques Lecoq, 1986-88

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