Pål Løkkeberg

Pål Løkkeberg (1934-1998) was a Norwegian movie and theatre instructor, plus theatre translator. He was the son of the actors Rønnaug Alten and Georg Løkkeberg and for a while he was married to actress and director Vibeke Løkkeberg.


(Objekt ID 11321)
Object type Person
Born 1934 (dead 1998)
Functions Translator, Director, Instructor
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Male

Pål Løkkeberg made his debut as a director in 1961 with Kean: Disorder and Genius by Alexandre Dumas the elder at Oslo Nye Teater (Oslo New Theatre), a production in which his father interpreted the title role.

He was the recipient of The Norwegian Critics' Award for theatre in 1973 for his direction of Ibsen's Ghosts for The National Theatre in 1972.


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