03:08:38 - States of Emergency. Digital version

03:08:38 - States of Emergency. Version #2 (2020) was a digital version of the performing arts production 03:08:38 - States of Emergency by Transiteatret-Bergen. The production was based on a concept by Tore Vagn Lid. This is a project spanning over several years, with work-in-progress presentations, called etudes, along the way. The complete version had its world premiere June 22 2019, during Arctic Arts Festival in 2019.

Tore Vagn Lid directed it.

The digital version was performed at Transiteatret's Facebook profile during the corona crisis the spring of 2020. The production was streamed live, for free.

The stage version of 03:08:38 - States of Emergency was nominated for The Hedda Award 2020 in the production of the year category. The team behind it won the award in the best audiovisual design category: Tore Vagn Lid for the audiovisual design, composition and music, Anders Elsrud Hultgreen (camera), Øystein Nesheim, Arvid Pettersen, Fredrik Rysjedal and Tor Christian Bleikli (light) for the visual effects film, drawing and light, Mathias Grønsdal for the sound and Terje Isungset and Per Jørgensen for the music. Tore Vagn Lid won the award in the special artistic achievement category.


(Objekt ID 99417)
Object type Production
Premiere March 29, 2020
Produced by Tore Vagn Lid/Transiteatret Bergen
Expressions Musical theatre, Multimedia, Video
Running period March 29, 2020  
Website facebook

The Hedda Jury gave the following reason for the special artistic achievement award to Tore Vagn Lid:

"With this year's award, the jury wants to honour an artist for his distinct performing arts project, realised with consequence in a form developed into what one must almost call a personal genre. With inspiration from one of the twentieth century's great playwrights, among others, and with a particular emphasis on the theatre's auditive potential, the award winner has combined artistic innovation and political engagement, as is clearly documented in this season's prominent work: 03:08:38, a stage and auditive examination of the three hours when the political terror came to Norway.

The special artistic achievement award this year goes to Tore Vagn Lid for the artistic direction of the project 03:08.38 - States of Emergency - Transiteatret-Bergen in collaboration with Det Vestnorske Teateret and Vega Scene."

The Hedda Jury gave the following reason for the best audiovisual design award:

"The stories of our time make the strongest impressions when they, like the fairytales of the past, gives room for reflection and recognition. This is such a story. In the way the art of the moment is stretched in time and challenged by space, one can barely see how the smallest analogue or technological detail could have been let go of.

With a miniature world at the core, the winner allows tiny parts to grow into a decentralised monumental work surrounding memories of and form our own time; painful, beautiful and irrevocable. And for every light diode and every musical anchor, the spectator grows increasingly connected to the piece's irreversible vision.

With the precise fingerspitzengefühl of a musical conductor, the director lets lighting and sound designers, musicians, photographers, visual artists and technicians carry a documentary reconstruction with theatre at its fundament, a deepgoing art work about ourselves at a given time: July 22, 2011."


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