Deep Sea Thriller

Deep Sea Thriller (1977) was a musical revue about Norway in the age of oil by Tramteatret.

Deep Sea Thriller was the first production by Tramteatret, opening in April 1977, a bit more than a year and a half after Tramteatret was established (June 15 1976). Texts, music, sound, costumes and stage sets were made by the company as a collective.

Three days prior to the opening of Deep Sea Thriller the Ekofisk blowout took place, something that made the production of high contemporary interest.

In 1977 the most important songs from the revue were released on the LP Deep Sea Thriller og enda mer (literally: Deep Sea Thriller and even more) by the record company MAI plateselskap. The script was also published as a book.


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Object type Production
Premiere April 27, 1977
Produced by
Audience Adults
Language Norwegian
Keywords Musical theatre, Revue, Political Theatre
Running period April 27, 1977  

Requirements to venue

Minimum stage width 7m
Minimum stage depth 7m
Blackout Yes

In the program for Deep Sea Thriller by Tramteatret the following, among other things, is written:

"We wanted to make a piece about oil because oil politics is an important fundament for capitalism today. Oil has an enormous number of side effects, and what happens around it and with it is mystified and kept secret. Eventually it became a revue with quite expansive content, in which oil is part of a larger whole.

To begin with we studied, read and discussed. We got significant help from people in SNM's oil group in Oslo, to gather material and help us find the way through it. We have been through progressive journals and governmental planning documents, heaps of stencils and books of different sorts. Most significant, however, was the contact we got with people we talked to. People who have worked on platforms, reporters who have interviewed people with connections within oil politics, and not least, the way we did house visits in Oslo, asking a number of people about their perspectives on oil politics. We have also used some material from the Svend Wam and Petter Vennerød film Oljeeventyret (literally: The Oil Adventure), which Norwegian Broadcasting has declined to show."

In the program for Hvem er redd for Frøken Lunde) (Who's Afraid of Miss Lunde?) the following, among other things, is written about Deep Sea Thriller:

"[...] People laughed. They laughed at the politicians believing in Oil Norway. The laughter was black and bitter. And out in the North Sea continuous import of low-waged unknown workforces took place, as did fatal accidents, oil leaks killing thousands of sea fowl, corruption and lies.

Big parts of DST came to be about the gibberish, the ideology, the silences and the secrecies.


At the time of writing we have performed DST 63 times for 20.000 people. From Kristiansand to the south to Tromsø to the north, from Bergen to the west to Stockholm to the east. DST has participated in two theatre festivals, two TV shows and five radio broadcasts. [...].

Deep Sea Thriller has not ceased to exist! We are still open to approaches, questions and commissions."


The archive of Tramteatret, donated by Liv Aakvik. 17.04.2009

Contributors (14)
Name Role
Sigve Bøe – Direction
Peter Lindbæk – Instruction
Anders Balke – Co-creator
Magne Bruteig – Co-creator
Arne Garvang – Co-creator
Bente Gjærum – Co-creator
Billy Johansson – Co-creator
Per Kjeve – Co-creator
Marianne Krogness – Co-creator
Bodil Maal – Co-creator
Terje Nordby – Co-creator
John Nyutstumo – Co-creator
Liv Aakvik – Co-creator
Anders Rogg (from June 1977) – Performer (Liten rolle som helikopterpilot, pianist, sanger, sufflør, kjørte lyset og ledet lysriggingen. Etterhvert også komponist og arrangør.)
Performance dates
March 27, 1979Lillehammer kino Show
August 20, 1977 20:00 – Brekkeparken Show
May 17, 1977 Show
May 7, 1977Chat Noir Show
May 6, 1977Chat Noir Show
May 5, 1977Chat Noir Show
April 27, 1977Storsalen på Chateau Neuf Worldwide premiere
1977 Show
Festivals (2)
Press coverage

Asbjørn Hoem, En uvanlig meningsfylt revy (literally: An unusually meaningful revue), date unknown, Bergens Tidende [Bergen]:
"In the good program - also containing the lyrics with score with notes and key signature changes – the production is called "a revue with quite expansive content". This is without doubt reality, and the revue is different than most by the presence of a steady, serious line of content. Probably this is the most meaningful revue ever performed at Chat Noir. [...] a production that doesn't give anyone the chance to yawn."

Writer unknown, Tramteatret med god revy (literally: Tramteatret with a good revue), 28.04.1977, Gudbrandsdølen & Lillehammer Tidende:
"If it was politically directed towards our society, I found that they had intertwined the politics in a comfortable manner. It was characterised by professional direction and had an easily consumed humour I think found most people at home. [...] The (Norwegian TV show, Sceneweb's comment) Kontrapunkt was probably also what became most popular in humour and imitations. Sten Broman was played in a convincing manner, having us all howl in laughter. Other than that the revue was composed with nice music and good lyrics with polyphonic song."

Oddvar Rakeng, Stor suksess for "Deep Sea Thriller" (literally: Great success for Deep Sea Thriller), 28.02.1979, Dagningen:
"Tramteatret and the revue Deep Sea Thriller are known for cultural activity, but we don't think that people in this district had gotten to know the theatre company before they hit the cinema of Lillehammer last night. [...] with material from the oil adventure they used irony and satire with great confidence throughout a full-length theatre performance. [...] Perhaps close to 200 persons were present in the auditorium, and several of them laughed until they cramped. The management of The Norwegian Touring Theatre should have a look at the landscape and book some performances apt to entertain people."

Writer and date unknown, Hamar Arbeiderblad [Hamar]:
"Tramteatret with excellent satire."

Erik Pierstorff, date unknown, Dagbladet [Oslo]:
"New life to Norwegian political satire."

Writer and date unknown, Aftenposten [Oslo]:
"Class struggle with a smile."

Writer and date unknown, Klassekampen [Oslo]:
"Tears the mask off the oil bluff."

Writer and date unknown, Verdens Gang [Oslo]:
"The theatre blowout of the year."

Writer and date unknown, Morgenavisen:
"Inevitable success."

Writer and date unknown, Nordlands Framtid:
"Splendid oil blowout."

Writer and date unknown, Arbeiderbladet [Oslo]:
"Oil mess at Chat Noir."

Writer and date unknown, Dagens Nyheter:
"Here is a Norwegian theatre company able to compete with our own independent pros in coarse honesty."