In the production Fugl* (Bird) by Agnes Buen Garnås and Ruth Wilhelmine Meyer stories switch between sobriety and humour, and the audience is taken along on a magical journey through Norwegian song tradition and cultural heritage. Around an open parachute sprinkled with down and feathers old and young are invited to take part in a traditional, but experimental experience


(Objekt ID 9890)
Object type Production
Premiere 2002
Audience Children (from 0 to 3)
Language Norwegian
Expressions Musical theatre, Object theatre
Running period 2002  

Agnes Buen Garnås got an honourable award from Arts Council Norway in 2005. With Ruth Wilhelmine Meyer she presents a production with sounds, folk tunes and stories connected to the bird as a creature.

Fugl* (Bird) was produced for the Glitterbird festival in 2002 and it is particularly adjusted for children aged 0 – 3 years. Textiles by the artist Nina Thormodsæther Haugen created a thematic frame surrounding the performance.

Agnes Buen Garnås is among the most high-profile folk musicians in Norway, and has played a huge part in developing the tradition of kvad, a Norwegian vocal song tradition. Ruth Wilhelmine Meyer is a song pedagogue and singer connected to Ole Bull Academy. Her main field is use of voice and she holds concerts and voice workshops in Norway, Sweden and Germany.

Fugl was supported by the Glitterbird project run by Arts Council Norway, plus the municipality of Trondheim.

Source: Autumn program 2007, Avant Garden. 

Name Role
Nina Thormodsæther Haugen – Stage design (Tekstilkunst)
Agnes Buen Garnås – Musician
Ruth Wilhelmine Meyer – Musician
Agnes Buen Garnås – Singer (Kved)
Agnes Buen Garnås – Storyteller
Ruth Wilhelmine Meyer – Storyteller
Performance dates
September 27, 2007Teaterhuset Avant Garden – Show
September 26, 2007Teaterhuset Avant Garden – Show
2004 , Glitterbirdfestivalen – Show
2002 , Klangfuglfestivalen – Worldwide premiere