Premiére date25 Sep. 2010
Produced byTeater Grimsborken
AudienceYouth, Adults (from 13)
LanguageEnglish and Norwegian
Running period25 Sep. 2010  
WebsiteTeater Grimsborken

About Taboo

Taboo produced by Teater Grimsborken is about 14 year old Leah who has long chatted with an elder boy whose alias is «iBoy». She doesn’t know his real name, and has never met him in real life, but she is convinced they are soul mates.

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    More about Taboo

    In Taboo by Teater Grimsborken Leah tells her parents she is going to the movies, but in reality, she has set up a date with iBoy. During this Friday evening something is to go terribly wrong.

    Taboo by Teater Grimsborken was supported by and the Freedom of Expression Foundation Fritt Ord, and it is part of a collaboration project with Save the Children, connected to the organisation’s campaign for smart internet use.

    Taboo was written by Tom Lycos and Stefo Natsou from Zeal Theatre on commission from STC. The play (original title Taboo) had its world wide premiere in Sydney in 2008.


    The Norwegian Association of Performing Arts/NAPA, 23.11.2010,

    Teater Grimsborken, 23.11.2010,