Chubby-Knut learns to swim

Chubby-Knut learns to swim by Rimfrost Teaterensemble (Rimfrost Theatre Ensemble) is a humorous and musical play giving insight in not succeeding.

The production was written by Rimfrost Teaterensemble (Rimfrost Theatre Ensemble) after Bjørn Nitteberg’s book Tjukke Knut tar svømmeknappen (the book is not yet translated into English, but its title is the same as the production title). Chubby-Knut learns to swim was performed during the festival Finnsnes i Fest the summer of 2010 and as a mini-tour in November 2010.


(Objekt ID 9520)
Object type Production
Premiere July 28, 2010
Produced by Rimfrost Productions
Audience Children, Families (from 9)
Language Norwegian
Keywords Musical theatre, Physical theatre
Running period July 28, 2010  
Website Rimfrost Produksjoner

Requirements to venue

Blackout No

Chubby-Knut learns to swim by Rimfrost Teaterensemble (Rimfrost Theatre Ensemble) starts with Chubby Knut and his mother being on their way to Finnsnes. As they go they get into a giant collision. Midway into the second somersault far up in the air, time freezes. Chubby Knut starts fantasising about his life.

Chubby Knut has a hard time learning to swim, and it is not made any easier by the teacher, Mr. Vold, who keeps nagging him. Nor is it nice to shower with the other boys in the class and to have to take off the swimming shorts.

Chubby-Knut learns to swim is a story written by Bjørn Nitteberg, staged and performed by Rimfrost Teaterensemble (Rimfrost Theatre Ensemble). It is a childish story, appropriate for children in school age. The books contain lots of humour, and this will most likely infect the performance. But within the humour much sobriety rests.


E-mail from daily manager of Rimfrost Teaterensemble (Rimfrost Theatre Ensemble), Kristine Myhre Tunheim 17.11.2010

Finnsnes i fest, 23.11.2010,

Contributors (14)
Name Role
Bjørn Nitteberg – Script
Morten Røsrud – Script
Morten Røsrud – Direction
Torje Åsali Jenssen – Composition
Alexander Rindestu – Music
Morten Røsrud – Stage design
Trond Hallvard Hanssen – Graphic designer
Sten Bjørge Skaslien Hansrud – Actor
Alexander Rindestu – Actor
Morten Røsrud – Actor
Jeanette Solbakken – Actor
Torje Åsali Jenssen – Musician
Kristine Myhre Tunheim – Photo
Kristine Myhre Tunheim – Producer
Performance dates
July 28, 2010 Opening night
Festivals (1)
Finnsnes i Fest July 28, 2010