Yesper and Noper and Everyone Else

Yesper and Noper and Everyone Else (2020) was a theatre production by The Norwegian Theatre, based on the book for children by Kari Stai, in a theatrical adaption by Øyvind Osmo Eriksen and Ingrid Weme Nilsen. The production was meant to be performed in the theatre's venue Scene 3 with its world premiere March 12 2020. This was cancelled due to the Corona pandemic. Instead, the premiere took place May 7, at Scene 3, after the Norwegian government had decided to open for events with a maximum of 50 participants. This was the first event at The Norwegian Theatre after the closing March 12 2020.

Øyvind Osmo Eriksen directed the production.


(Objekt ID 94815)
Object type Production
Premiere May 7, 2020
Produced by The Norwegian Theatre
Based on Yesper and Noper and Everyone Else by Kari Stai
Audience Children (from 3)
Audience size 1411
Number of events 33
Language Norwegian Nynorsk
Keywords Performance for children, Theatre, Corona-production
Running period May 7, 2020  

At the webpage of The Norwegian Theatre the following, among other things, is written about Yesper and Noper and Everyone Else:

"Yesper and Noper live together on the top of a hill. Yesper always says YES to everything. Noper always says NO.

Based on this simple difference, the creator of these two characters always manages to say something existential about being human, at a level that captures the very youngest ones - and their parents. This time, Noper has lost it completely. The buns are burnt, flour is all over. Not only have the two gotten a new neighbour who disturbs the harmony - in addition, Noper has understood something new about himself: He is different.


Yesper and Noper search for Everyone Else on the bus, in the ocean and in space. Eventually they find him at the planet Uno. There is also a cloning machine. Perhaps Noper can become completely like Everyone Else?"


The Norwegian Theatre,, 29.10.19,, 12.05.2020,

Contributors (14)
Name Role
Kari Stai – Author
Øyvind Osmo Eriksen – Dramatised by
Ingrid Weme Nilsen – Dramatised by
Øyvind Osmo Eriksen – Direction
Øyvind Osmo Eriksen – Music
Ingrid Weme Nilsen – Dramaturge
Nora Furuholmen – Stage design
Nora Furuholmen – Costume design
Vetle Bergan – Actor (Jakob - alternerte med Petter Winther)
Jonas Fuglevik Urstad – Actor (Alle Andre / Masekopp - alternerte med Joakim H. Ousdal)
Joakim H. Ousdal – Actor (Alle Andre / Masekopp - alternerte med Jonas Fuglevik Urstad)
Per Schaanning – Actor (Neikob)
Petter Winther – Actor (Jakob - alternerte med Vetle Bergan)
Dag Jenssen – Photo
Performance dates