Narvik (2019) was a musical theatre production by Nordland Theatre, based on the play by Lizzie Nunnery, with music by Vidar Norheim and Martin Heslop. Narvik opened in the culture centre Narvik kulturhus, prior to being performed on tour.

Kim Sørensen directed it.


(Objekt ID 94298)
Object type Production
Premiere October 3, 2019
Produced by Nordland Theatre
Based on Narvik by Lizzie Nunnery, Vidar Norheim, Martin Heslop

At the webpage of Nordland Theatre the following, among other things, is written about Narvik:

"Hitler suffered his first defeat in the battle of Narvik. Norwegian and allied forces reconquered the town after hard fighting, before the turns of the war led to giving up the town. One of the soldiers who went, a young boy from Liverpool, had to leave not just Norway, but also the love of his life, a young Norwegian girl.

When the end approaches and the hour of reckoning has come, which are the thoughts one thinks and where is the emphasis? This is how the play Narvik opens. It delves deep into emotions, regrets, love, tested friendship and not least the war. Two friends in an impossible situation. In a radio room aboard a warship lives are changed for ever. Black sea! Steel and water! Two young persons are brought together and divided by the same war."


Nordland Theatre,, 03.10.19,

Name Role
Lizzie Nunnery – Playwright
Ragnar Olsen – Translation
Kim Sørensen – Direction
Johannes Winther Farstad – Musical Management
Martin Heslop – Composer
Vidar Norheim – Composer
Gjermund Andresen – Stage design
Gjermund Andresen – Costume design
Øyvind Wangensteen – Lighting design
Christine Guldbrandsen – Actor
Sondre Krogtoft Larsen – Actor
Kristian B. Winther – Actor
Johannes Winther Farstad – Musician
Kari Nesdal Sandnes – Musician
Performance dates
October 3, 2019Narvik Kulturhus – National premiere, Norway