Shine Utopians

Shine Utopians (2019) was a dance production by Harald & Louis (NO/DK). The opening took place at Dansens Hus, Oslo.

Harald Beharie and Louis Schou-Hansen choreographed the production.

The two were nominated for Norwegian Critics' Award for Dance 2019/2020 for their work on Shine Utopians.


(Objekt ID 93632)
Object type Production
Premiere Navember 7, 2019
In collaboration with Dance Information Norway
Audience Adults
Expressions Dance
Running period Navember 7, 2019  
Duration 90 minutes

The company writes the following, among other things, about the production:

"In Shine Utopians, Harald & Louis transform Dansens Hus into a parallel society, in which the body is in constant transformation and development. A place where familiar movements are no longer what we think they are, and where biology has lost its power, made us into indefinable unities. From November 7 to 10, conversations, lectures, performance art events, concerts, parties and other social events will take place, in addition to performances.


In our utopian village shoes are not worn, so make sure that you are wearing socks you are fond of showing off."


Dansens Hus,, 31.08.2020,

Import from the list of openings 09.09.2019

Norwegian Critics' Association,, 21.09.2020,

Name Role
Harald Beharie – Choreography
Louis Schou-Hansen – Choreography
Torbjørn Kolbeinsen – Music
Karoline Bakken Lund – Stage design
Karoline Bakken Lund – Costume
Harald Beharie – Dancer
Anne Gjems – Dancer
Heidi Steen Jensen – Dancer
Christin Bassøe Jørstad – Dancer
Amie Mbye – Dancer
Elise Nohr Nystad – Dancer
Guro Ørbech Olsen – Dancer
Hans-Petter Rode – Dancer
Louis Schou-Hansen – Dancer
Davvet Bruun Solbakk – Dancer
Magnus Sparsaas – Dancer
Irene Vesterhus Theisen – Dancer
Simen Øvergaard – Photo
Margrethe Nandrup Rylander – Producer
Mia Haugland Habib – Counsellor (kunstnerisk veileder)
Performance dates
Navember 10, 2019Hovedscenen – Show
Navember 9, 2019Hovedscenen – Show
Navember 8, 2019Hovedscenen – Show
Navember 7, 2019 20.00 – Hovedscenen – Worldwide premiere