Night Sings Its Songs

Night Sings Its Songs (2019) was a theatre production by The National Theatre, based on the play by Jon Fosse. The production was performed in the theatre's venue Amfiscenen (The Amphi Stage).

Laurent Chétouane directed it.

Nils Golberg Mulvik played the role of the young man.

Marte Engebrigtsen played the role of the young woman.


(Objekt ID 90289)
Object type Production
Premiere April 3, 2019
Produced by The National Theatre
Based on Night Sings Its Songs AKA Night Songs by Jon Fosse
Audience Adults
Language Norwegian Nynorsk
Expressions Theatre, Drama
Running period April 3, 2019  
Website Nationaltheatret

At the website of The National Theatre the following, among other things, is written about Night Sings Its Songs:

"He is a failed writer. Everything he does write is rejected. But writing is the only thing he wants to do, the only thing he knows how to do. Now, he mostly lies at the couch reading. Doesn't even dare to leave the house. This does not suit a recent father and family man.

She desperately works to create a home, but feels isolated and captured. It didn't turn out the way she imagined. She and he both want something else, while knowing that they need one another. The situation has stagnated. Why doesn't anybody come to visit any more? And who does the little boy really look the most like?

In 2019, one of our greatest playwrights, Jon Fosse, turns 60 years. Night Sings Its Songs is one of his earliest plays, about a young couple struggling to navigate through all that is said - and left unsaid.

Now, Fosse's poetic realism meets the French director Laurent Chétouane's physically exploring expression. In this version, the young man is a rejected playwright writing about his own family. The question is whether he is an undiscovered talent, or not. What can he offer the world - and his family?

With a selection of actors, Chétouane is to examine a stage expression in the intersection between text and score, to give spectators his very own, distinct version of Jon Fosse's emotional, desperate play about the hopelessly hopeful."


The National Theatre, 24.11.2018,,

Performance dates
April 3, 2019Amfiscenen – Opening night
Awards - Nominations (1)