Circus Absence

Premiére date4 May. 2019
Produced byAbsence Crew
In collaboration withThe National Stage
AudienceFamilies (from 5)
ExpressionsPerformance for the Family, Theatre
Running period4 May. 2019  
Durationca 1 time

About Circus Absence

Circus Absence (2019) is a planned circus theatre production by The National Stage, devised by the ensemble, with choreography by Jo Strømgren. The production will be performed at the theatre's main stage.

Jo Strømgren directs it.

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    More about Circus Absence

    At the website of The National Stage the following, among other things, is written about Circus Absence:

    "Absence Crew has taken young and grown audience members by storm with their energetic, entertaining break dance performances. Now, they've joined forces with choreographer Jo Strømgren, who is known all over the world for his innovative, often comical dance productions. Meet the feeble-minded clowns, the depressed fakir, the mysterious magician and the bearded lady - and perhaps we'll also get a glimpse of the escaped gorilla and the cowardly human cannonball?


    Circus Absence is the story of the somewhat exhausted circus ensemble that suddenly has to make a fabulous show for a large audience. And who knows- perhaps will the strange artists find back to their joy in living along the way?"

    In a press release from The National Stage the following, among other things, is written about the repertoire for 2019:

    "The break dance masters of Absence Crew create a breakneck, absurd circus performance with choreographer Jo Strømgren, and the theatre is also visited by many different brass bands connected to different schools, when Knut Nærum's humorous declaration of love for life in a band is staged. Both productions will later go on tour."


    The National Stage,, 28.11.2018,

    The National Stage,, 28.11.2018,