Pals First

Pals First (1922) was a theatre production by Centralteatret, based on the play by Lee Wilson Dodd. The production was performed under the Norwegian title Dick eller Danny (literally: Dick or Danny). It was performed at Centralteatret.

Theodor Berge directed it.


(Objekt ID 89772)
Object type Production
Premiere December 26, 1922
Produced by
Based on Pals First by Lee Wilson Dodd
Audience Adults
Language Norwegian
Expressions Theatre, Light comedy/slapstick
Running period December 26, 1922  


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Contributors (15)
Name Role
Lee Wilson Dodd – Playwright
Rolf Hiorth-Schøyen – Translation
Theodor Berge – Direction
Jens Wang – Stage design
Leif Amble-Næss – Actor («Ekorn», en landstryker)
Sæbjørn Buttedahl – Actor (Gordon, politioffiser)
Erling Drangsholt – Actor (Dr. Harry Chilton)
Esther Hagemann – Actor (Tante Caroline)
Joachim Holst-Jensen – Actor (Domenie)
Thoralf Klouman – Actor (Logan, dommer)
Borghild Klouman – Actor (Jean, Logans niece)
Sam Lind – Actor (Onkel Alex )
August Mowinckel-Nilsen – Actor (Stivers, detektiv)
Einar Sissener – Actor (Danny)
Eva Steen – Actor (Miss Alicia )
Performance dates
December 26, 1922Oslo Nye Centralteatret – Opening night