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Soufflette (2018) is a dance production by Carte Blanche in coproduction with Bergen International Festival. Soufflette is performed in Studio Bergen with its world premiere during Bergen International Festival 2018.

François Chaignaud choreographed it.

Jostein Gundersen has composed the music for it. Gundersen also is responsible for musical arrangements.


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Object type Production
Premiere May 24, 2018
Produced by Carte Blanche
Coproducers Bergen International Festival
Audience Adults
Number of events 29
Keywords Dance, Contemporary dance
Running period May 24, 2018  
Website Dansens Hus

At the webpage of Bergen International Festival the following, among other things, is written about Soufflette**:

"In French slang, 'soufflette' means blowing the smoke from one person's mouth back into another's. This is an intimate act during which one shares the most essential and yet ungraspable part of our existence: the air that keeps us alive and makes us high.

Soufflette will be an exchange of air throughout the centuries. What if a medieval breath blew through our lips?

Musical archives from 12th and 13th century keep the memories of the first attempts at composing polyphony in the Western world. This is a fascinating moment where we can witness how an organised community creates its own architecture, builds a way to coexist and sing together. The memory of those first polyphonies blows into our mouths, lungs and bodies. They confront with contemporary anthems to create unheard pieces."


Bergen International Fstival, www.fib.no, 09.05.2018, https://www.fib.no/en/Programme/?TLp=1284826

Carte Blanche, carteblanche.no, 09.05.2018, https://carteblanche.no/repertoar/soufflette/

**The Norwegian language text and the English language text from Bergen International Festival differ some. In this entry, Sceneweb.no quotes each text as it is on the Bergen International Festival webpage. As a result, the Norwegian and the English text do not correspond in full.

Performance dates
Navember 4, 2020Studio Bergen, Carte Blanche New opening
June 12, 2019 visiting performance
October 19, 2018Studio Bergen, Carte Blanche Show
October 18, 2018 19:30 – Studio Bergen, Carte Blanche Show
October 11, 2018 19:00 – Hovedscenen, Dansens Hus Show
October 3, 2018 20:00 – Hovedscenen, Plassen, Teatret Vårt , Teatret Vårt (Our Theatre) Show
May 24, 2018Studio Bergen, Carte Blanche Worldwide premiere
Festivals (2)
Oktoberdans October 18, 2018
Bergen International Festival May 24, 2018