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Rock'n Roll Wolf

Rock'n Roll Wolf (2018) was a theatre production by The National Theatre, a new and developed production of two 2011 productions by Trøndelag Theatre and The National Theatre. The 2018 production was performed using the Norwegian title Ulven (literally: The Wolf), whereas the former productions used the titles Rock'n Roll Wolf (title in English, despite being performed in Norwegian) and Rockeulven (literally: The Rocking Wolf) The 2018 production will be performed at the theatre's main stage.

Tyra Tønnessen directed it.

Herbert Nordrum and Øystein Røger alternated in the role of the wolf. Røger also played the role of the wolf when The National Theatre staged Rock'n Roll Wolf in 2011.

Hanne Skille Reitan and Mariann Hole alternated in the role of the goat.

Both 2011 productions were based on the movie musical by Elisabeta Bostan (direction), Yuri Entin (screenplay), Vasilica Istrate (screenplay), Temistocle Popa (music) and Gérard Bourgeois (music), in two somewhat differing adaptions by Tyra Tønnessen and Ragnar Olsen. The 2018 production was further removed from the film, with new music and with changes in the dramaturgy.


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Object type Production
Premiere October 20, 2018
Produced by The National Theatre
Based on Rock'n Roll Wolf by Tyra Tønnessen, Åsmund Flaten, Ragnar Olsen; Rock'n Roll Wolf by Temistocle Popa, Gérard Bourgeois, Jurij AKA Yuri Entin, Vasilica Istrate
Audience Children (from 5)
Language Norwegian
Keywords Musical, Theatre, Performance for children
Running period October 20, 2018  
Duration Approximately 2 hours, 10 minutes
Website Nationaltheatret

At the webpage of The National Theatre the following, among other things, is written about Rock'n Roll Wolf:

"A wolf strays through the peaceful forest where the domesticated animals live. Panic spreads, but one goat is not as easily scared as the others. She has a flirt with the predator, who falls head over heels for her. But to his shock it turns out that she is the mother of three. The wolf hopes to solve his little love conundrum by eating his little rivals, so the goat has to seal her door with a song. The kids are not allowed to open it to anyone not singing this song...

The fairytale about the wolf and the kid goats exists in many versions and many cultures. The Brothers Grimm version is likely the best known in Norway. Many also know the movie and cult classic Rock'n Roll Wolf - broadcast by Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation every Christmas - and the theatre production that became a great success when staged by The National Theatre in 2011.

Now, director Tyra Tønnessen and stage designer Dagny Drage Kleiva are finally back at The National Theatre with their version of the fairytale, yet again with animals from Norwegian wilderness and Norwegian farms, modern love intrigues and gender role conflicts - and a large portion of humour. Ragnar Olsen has contributed rhymes and rhythm, and the production has been provided with an amazing new musical wrapping by composer Åsmund Flaten, performed live by the theatre's orchestra."


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Performance dates
October 20, 2018Hovedscenen, Nationaltheatret, The National Theatre Opening night