Rock'n Roll Wolf

Rock'n Roll Wolf (2011) was a musical theatre production by The National Theatre, a new and developed version of Trøndelag Theatre's production Rock'n Roll Wolf, which opened earlier the same year. The National Theatre's production was performed using the Norwegian title Rockeulven (literally: The Rocking Wolf), whereas Trøndelag Theatre's production used the English-language title in its Norwegian context. Both productions were based on the movie musical by Elisabeta Bostan (direction), Yuri Entin (screenplay), Vasilica Istrate (screenplay), Temistocle Popa (music) and Gérard Bourgeois (music), in theatrical adaption by Tyra Tønnessen and Ragnar Olsen. Rock'n Roll Wolfwas performed at The National Theatre's main stage.

Tyra Tønnessen directed it.

Øystein Røger played the role of the wolf.

Lena Kristin Ellingsen played the role of the goat.


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Object type Production
Premiere October 13, 2011
Produced by The National Theatre
Based on Rock'n Roll Wolf by Tyra Tønnessen, Åsmund Flaten, Ragnar Olsen; Rock'n Roll Wolf by Temistocle Popa, Gérard Bourgeois, Jurij AKA Yuri Entin, Vasilica Istrate
Audience Families
Language Norwegian
Keywords Musical, Musical theatre, Performance for the Family, Theatre
Running period October 13, 2011  


The National Theatre,, 03.05.2018,

Performance dates
October 13, 2011Hovedscenen, Nationaltheatret, The National Theatre Opening night