Premiére date9 Sep. 2018
Produced byNordland Theatre
In collaboration withMusikk i Nordland, Vocal Art
Based onPetter by Alf Knutsen, Knut Størdal
ExpressionsTheatre, Musical theatre
Running period9 Sep. 2018  

About Petter

Petter (2018) was a musical theatre production by Nordland Theatre in collaboration with MiNensemblet, Vocal Art and local choirs. Petter was based on a church play by Alf Knutsen (text) and Knut Størdal (music), including hymns by Petter Dass. The opening took place in the church of Alstahaug, where Petter Dass himself served as a priest.

Kristin Jørgensen directed it.

Knut Størdal conducted it.

Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby played the role of Petter Dass.

Petter was about the life, work and cultural standing of Petter Dass.

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More about Petter

At the webpage of Nordland Theatre the following, among other things, is written about Petter:

"Petter Dass is a name immediately connected to Northern Norway. As with most historical persons, opinions differ. This is true for Petter Dass as well.

Presenting the historical Petter Dass in this production has not been a purpose. The discussion surrounding Petter, who he was and what he meant, will likely never quieten - and that is a good thing. What we know for sure is what he wrote, and that lives on more than 300 years after his death. The same goes for the myths and anecdotes.

The church play will be a meeting with familiar hymns in nine handsome churches along the coast of three districts in the county. It will put its emphasis on Petter as an artist, and on how the nature, the elements and the history of the coastal livers became a central part of his writing."


Nordland Theatre,, 25.04.2018,