Panini-BoysRoom (2018) is a planned theatre production by the Vinge/Müller foundation, the world premiere of a concept by Vegard Vinge and Ida Müller, based on the production Nationaltheater Reinickendorf, which was produced by Berliner Festspiele and Stiftelsen Vinge/Müller in 2017. Panini-BoysRoom will be performed in Sentralbadet, Bergen, during Bergen International Festival 2018.

Vegard Vinge directs it.

Panini-BoysRoom is performed within a theatrical installation created by Ida Müller. This installation, using the same title, is also accessible as an exhibition during the festival.

In addition, a public conversation with the artists Vegard Vinge and Ida Müller is held during Bergen International Festival 2018. The conversation is held in English, led by film scholar Marc Siegel from Hildesheim/Berlin. The date of this is May 29 2018, and the venue is Litteraturhuset in Bergen.

Vinge/Müller counts Panini-BoysRoom as part eight in its Ibsen saga.

Panini-BoysRoom received two nominations for The Hedda Award 2018.The Production was nominated in the production of the year X category, whereas Ida Müller and Vegard Vinge were nominated in the best stage design/costume design category.


(Objekt ID 85238)
Object type Production
Premiere May 25, 2018
Produced by
In collaboration with Bergen International Festival,
Number of events 4
Language Norwegian and English
Expressions Theatre
Running period May 25, 2018  

At the website of Bergen International Festival the following, among other things, is written about Panini-BoysRoom (performance):

"The theatre company Vinge/Müller sets up their own construction at Sentralbadet, staging a cross between an exhibition, a video installation, and an arena for vital art expressions – characterised by the artists' distinct, hand painted aesthetics in every feature. 
The exhibition will be open during the Festival, with four nights of performances by the company and invited guests.
The duo has won international acclaim in particular with their versions of Henrik Ibsen's plays, and now nine years have passed since director Vegard Vinge and scenographer Ida Müller performed their uncompromising version of The Wild Duck at Bergen International Festival."


Bergen International Festival, 06.04.2018,,

The Hedda Award,, 18.06.2018,

Contributors (9)
Name Role
Ida Müller – Concept/Idea
Vegard Vinge – Concept/Idea
Vegard Vinge – Direction
Ida Müller – Stage design
Torbjørn Davidsen – Theatre painter
Vegard Vinge – Theatre painter
Torbjørn Davidsen – Actor
Ida Müller – Actor
Vegard Vinge – Actor
Performance dates
May 25, 2018Sentralbadet , Bergen International Festival – Worldwide premiere
Festivals (1)
Awards - Nominations (1)